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Mindcultivation is a Cape Town based record label specialized in artist promotion and event management. Established in 2008 Mindcultivation has built up considerable knowledge in both indoor and outdoor psychedelic arts and trance music festivals. Being the host of Boomerang Festival - one of Cape Town's biggest & hottest New Year's Eve festivals and the enticing Cosmic Connection festival - usually held during the month of October. Like minded individuals have been partaking in some amazing experiences throughout the last couple of years at Mindcultivation events.

Mindcultivation artists, a very interesting bunch with a very explosive array of psychedelic trance music. You can be sure to catch some of our artists performing in and around Cape Town, but if you want to get something extra there are a whole bunch of tracks available that have been released for free download.

Our mission is to promote an open-minded environment where everyone can experience the true power of conscious awareness. We as magical beings are extraordinary and need to realize our link with each other and everything around us to collectively make the world a better place. Giving a little bit back to the community every day is a sure way to make a difference and contribute to the spirit of man.